Save the date, October 26, 2013

Welcome to Imperial Aviation Day!


Crop Duster Airplane

Come see some flying movie stars from movies past and present!

This year Aviation Day's headliners will be celebrities and stand-ins from aviation movies, including some that look uncannily like the stars in this year's Disney Release of “Planes”.

When they are not racing in animated movies, some of the planes are flying low over the crops of Imperial Valley nurturing them with fertilizer and protecting them from unwanted bugs.

But more than just a few celebrities on display, Aviation Day is an airport “open house”” for the community! This allows residents to visit their commercial airport, see the military and civilian aircraft that use our Airport and uncover the mystery behind the chain link fence. One of our most exciting portions of Aviation Day is our EAA Young Eagles flights for children between the ages of 8 thru 17. In the past three years over 450 of our local kids have flown in general aviation aircraft!

These hands-on flights help kindle the dreams and hopes of many of our kids! This extraordinary experience encourages our youth to further their education as well as seek an aviation career in diverse occupations such as engineers, aircraft mechanics and other facets of aviation.

This year, in an effort to provide more children with their “first” flight, we will be signing up and scheduling children by age group. In the event that we do not have enough planes to fly all the children that show up for their first flight, we will draw names for the number we can fly.

While the children have the most fun flying around the valley, the event is also a regional fly-in so we also have over 50 General Aviation and Military aircraft for the adults to Piper Pawnee PA-25 explore. Aircraft owners and pilots are more than happy show their aircraft and answer any questions from the visitors. And when asked they can also provide information on learning to fly.

While there will be no commercial exhibitors in the parking lot this year, there will be aviation related exhibitors inside the fence. Many of the exhibits highlight aviation career opportunities in industry, military and emergency services.

By design, Aviation Day is meant to provide a fun, exciting and educational day to the community. So ask all of your friends and neighbors to join you at Imperial County Airport on October 26, 2013.

This years event has new life as every driver jobs dream is to fly a plane no matter what you drive everyday. Whether it be a car, bus, flatbed truck, owner operator trucking jobs or even a motorcycle. Flying a plane is exciting and we will be giving lessons on how to do so. We may even give some free rides with a raffle. Be sure to thank as they have been able to help with supporting the event. We hope to see you there and don't forget about all these activites we will be having this year!