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How To Be The Winner OF Mobile Strike Game?

Playing an action, adventure or racing game is much easier than playing a strategy game because in a strategy game you have to play action and adventure, both kind of aspect. Mobile Strike game is to be played with strategy.  Most of the people try to win this game by using Mobile Strike Tips. Well, if you’re here to get some tips than this article can be helpful to you. Winning is important everywhere doesn’t matter if its life or a mobile phone game. Which kind of specification is required to play this game, let us know.

Mobile Strike Specifications

  • Android version4.0.3 or later version.
  • Requires 1 GB of RAM otherwise your phone will lag while playing it.
  • Strong internet connection to keep connected to the server.

And for IOS device:

  • IOS 8 or later
  • 512mb RAM

Review of Mobile Strike

If your Smartphone fulfills all these requirements, then download it from play store or app store according to your device. If you are a beginner then you may hardly know about any strategy to win. To be surpassing your friends and winning this game, follow some steps after installing this game. These steps are:

  • Follow the guideline provided by game designers and get to know about tools and troops and base.
  • The main aim of this game is to build a powerful base and defending it from enemies.
  • Build a base by farms, hospitals, food resources, gold mines. If you are willing to upgrade your tools but you don’t have gold coins in your account then you can buy gold with real money and enjoy this game. Gold mines are best because you have to use your real money.
  • After building a base which can defend itself from enemies, start collecting resources for power.
  • Try using yours facebook account to connect with your friends and start going on the hunt to destroy enemies base to get rewards. Mobile Strike reward with free coins on connecting this game to your facebook account and you can get some more reward on sharing mobile strike on facebook.
  • You have to need the patience to win otherwise you will end up destroying your base.
  • If you are going on hunting then your troops must be powerful to fight with the enemy. Train your troops.
  • Research inside your home base to find exciting tools.
  • If you are willing to fight with the enemy, go to world map and then you will be able to track other bases around you. You can try to hunt them.

By using these tips you can be a winner of Mobile Strike game but there are some bad things about this game. Most hated one is, this game use mobile GPU and consume battery very fast. Mobile phones start heating.  Some other drawbacks are if you on the battle field and you lost your internet server then you will end up losing. So if you are ready to win by using these tips, install Mobile Strike and start right now.